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With almost 36 times the size of the United Kingdom, Brazil offers as many traveling possibilities as the whole of Europe (of the 25 countries!). So imagine planning a trip through Europe; some choices have to be made! You can’t see everything in one trip in Brazil, so we humbly advise you to first think carefully about what kind of stay you are looking for and then to accordingly visit the site corresponding to your choice below:

Visiting the different parts of Brazil

The 4 to 10 tickets of the Brazil Air Pass allow you to combine different regions of your choice.
It is an ideal formula if you would like to see Rio de Janeiro as much as, the waterfalls of Iguaçu, Salvador, the Amazon, the Lencois Maranhenses; and you only have a few weeks at your disposal.

Select your tour:

Stay in one area of Brazil

Advantages to this formula: it is more economical and avoids spending a lot of time in airports.

To take the time to travel, meet and understand….
Select an area:

Trekking / Hiking

Brazil, a trekking destination? An excellent connoisseur of the country surprised me when he mentioned it but I had to admit that he was right.
From the Lençóis Desert to the Amazon Forest via the dream beaches of the Costa Verde, Brazil is rich in scenery that will satisfy the most picky trekker.
Here is a selection of a few short treks through some of the most beautiful areas of Brazil. These original and exclusive itineraries can be combined or modified (length, itinerary, portage...) to satisfy your desires, your timing, your physical condition...

Your trek:

Thematic circuits
You are interested by a specific theme… Nature, culture and history, trekking, wildlife observation… You will find some thematic circuits in our sections: “visit the different parts of Brazil” and “stay in one part of Brazil”. Or, for a faster answer, contact us.

Across the border

Why not combine other nearby destinations to your visit to Brazil?
Peru, Bolivia or Argentina, the possibilities are endless!
For example, we can organize a circuit that starts near the last Inca posts, in the Andes, and that finishes on the Brazilian shores.
Or one that starts in Machu Picchu, crosses the Amazon and ends up in Belém, at the delta of the Amazon River…

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