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Sales conditions
Voyager au bresil avec terra-Brazil : conditions de vente


Confirmation of reservations to Terra Andina Turismo do Brasil Limitada or “Terra Brazil ”
Registration and payment

A deposit of 30% of the total amount must accompany all applications. Receipt of this deposit does not imply the automatic confirmation of a reservation, but is dependent on available space.
If the application is accepted, the balance of the price of the trip must be paid before the beginning of the trip.

Cancellation policies

The deposit is non-refundable.

The balance of fees will be:

  • Entirely reimbursed if the cancellation occurs 20 days prior to the commencement of the services;
  • Pro-rated of reimbursement if cancellation occurs between 20 and 5 prior to the commencement of services;
  • Non-refundable if the cancellation occurs less than 5 days before the commencement of services.

In the event that service reservations involve expenses paid by Terra Brazil, these expenses are non-refundable, for any reason of cancellation or the time in which it is declared (e.g. plane tickets or hotel package reservations on particular dates).  Terra Brazil will inform the participants of the particular cancellation policies.

Unforeseeable circumstances

In the case of exceptional events, (political or social troubles, natural catastrophe, etc.) occurring during the services reserved by the participants, Terra Brazil reserves the right to cancel or modify the service or itinerary to assure the security of the participants.

In the event that Terra Brazil is obliged to change or interrupt the services following unforeseeable circumstances, a reimbursement for those services not executed as agreed will apply.
Nonetheless, Terra Brazil does not indemnify the participant.

We recommend that our client take out travel insurance.
  • Automatic travel insurance is available when paying for international tickets with certain credit cards.  Check with your credit card company for further information.
  • The participant is responsible for supplying insurance.  Terra Brazil does not provide insurance.

    Passports, visas, and vaccinations: Terra Brazil does not provide these necessities.  The participant is responsible for all travel documents, vaccinations, and medications.

    Each participant needs to personally obtain the documents needed by the Brazilian authorities (the information Terra Brazil provides on the subject is a courtesy and may not be complete.

    Failure to present the necessary documents may result in serious consequences, of which are the complete responsibilities of each participant.

    Each participant must abide by the laws, police formality, customs, and public health rules expressed by the Brazilian authorities.  The consequences of such infractions to the local rule are the responsibility of each participant.

    A participant forfeits reimbursement (and indemnity) for the cancellation or the interruption of services due to any infraction perpetrated by the participant against aforementioned laws and customs.


    Each participant must be conscious of the nature of the tours organized by Terra Brazil.  The activities practiced (trekking, excursions in the Amazon or in the Pantanal, mechanical sports, flights...) can involve some risks.  Participants must be aware that often, the medical center is far away.  The absence of communication, the road conditions, or no roads at all, often exacerbate that distance.

    Each participant assumes these risks and is responsible for any accident resulting from the willing participation in the organized activities.  Terra Brazil, the accompanying guides, and/or the local service in charge of the organization of these activities are in no way responsible for any accident resulting from a participants willing participation, as long as the general rules of safety have been respected and applied.

    Each participant must conform to the rules of safety, to the rules of the group, and respect the security measures required by the local guides.

    Terra Brazil is not responsible for accidents resulting from neglect or lack of respect for the rules of safety by any participant.

    Terra Brazil reserves the right to exclude any participant, at any time, from the organized services for behavior that endangers the safety or well being of another participant(s) or person(s). 
    The participant, exhibiting such behavior, brings upon himself such measures that relinquish his right to any indemnity.

    Luggage and personal effects

    Luggage and any other personal effects or documents remain, at all times, the responsibility of each participant.  Terra Brazil, the accompanying guides, and/or local services are in no way responsible for any person effects.
    The weight of luggage and other personal effects as well as documents must not exceed 30 lbs per person.

    Aerial Transport

    Terra Brazil is not responsible for any modifications or cancellations tours due to air traffic delays or cancellations.


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