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Brazil's Geography
Geographie et climat du bresil
Brazil's Geography


Geography and climate

Brazil's Geography

We distinguish 5 large geographical areas
The North: essentially covered with forests although subject to deforestation. Sheltering a very rich fauna.
The Nordeste (Northeast): region of “latifundias", immense private properties.
The Center-West, divided between high arid plateaus, covered with the vegetation of the "cerrado" and the savannah region, wetlands and tropical forests.
The Southeast: vegetation and climate tropical.
The South: subtropical and temperate.


Brazil can be visited all year long.
All the programs we offer can be done at any time of the year, without restriction.
The rainy season varies depending on the regions.  The summer is very hot and the winter can be pleasant in some areas, like a spring or fall in out latitudes.
Brazil, being located in the South hemisphere, the seasons are reversed in the relation to the North.
In summer, from December to March, it is warm on the totality of Brazil. It is the warmest time of the year.

The country can be divided in 5 large climatic zones.
The North: equatorial climate, hot and humid, rainy most of the year.
The Nordeste: semi-arid climate, dry and hot with continental or oceanic tendency, with short rainy seasons.
The Southeast: humid climate under tropical influence with dry and hot seasons in the winter and cold and humid in the summer.
The Center – West: continental type climate, warm and dry in winter, cold and dry in summer.
The South: the South of Brazil enjoys a subtropical climate; with regular Antarctic cold front entries bringing heavy precipitations.

Precipitations and average temperatures in Brazil

Good season

Brazil can be visited year-round. But be aware of these facts:
We advise that you avoid the tourist peaks from December to January, the period of the Carnival and the St. week.
Brazilians, and there are 180 millions of them, are the first tourists visiting their own country.  During this period, the tourist destinations – and principally the coast – are swamped.
Hotels and restaurants are full as well as the beaches…
Also, the prices climb and the hotels and pousadas use a system of “pacote”, a flat fee for a set number of nights minimum (for example 5 nights or nothing).
In the Northeastern states, Bahia and Pernambouc, from December to March, frequent but brief rain falls. Avoid, if possible, this period to visit this area.
The Amazon is a hot, humid and rainy area. The period between June and December is the best for travels.


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