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All the information about Brazil with Terra Brazil
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Travel on  Brazil : Datas on Brazil


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Brazil country overview

Travel on  Brazil : Datas on Brazil

3.287,597 millions sq miles (about 36 times the size of United Kingdom and 86% the size of the US).

180 millions of inhabitants, 70 % of which are in the age group of under 30 and 43% are from African or mixed origin. Brazil is nonetheless one of the least populated country on the planet, with 20 persons per square kilometer. The population is concentrated along the coast and in the cities.
Official language
Political regime
Stable democracy

The Brazilian currency is the Real, which has attained a certain monetary stability.
In November 2007, 1 Euro was equivalent to 2.52 Reais (be aware, the exchange rate can change very quickly). Bring dollars in cash and a credit card (withdraws possible in the majority of the towns at Banco do Brasil, Citibank, HSBC, Bradesco).

Traveler’s checks (they are not accepted by Terra Brazil) are theoretically changeable, at a fee, at the Banco do Brasil, in the exchange offices and at the American Express agencies (only in the big towns).
Time change

There is 1 to 3 hours difference with the US 2 to 4 with England, depending on time saving hours in one country or the other.
The whole country is on Brasilia time, except for Boa Vista, Cuiaba, Manaus and Porto Velho in the West, where it is one hour earlier. In Rio Branco, at the Western extremity, it is 2 hours earlier and in Fernando de Noronha, in the East, it is one hour later than in Brasilia.
But summer time, which is implemented from mid-October to mid-February, modifies these time differences. During this period, we have to forward our clock by an hour, but only in the Southeast, the South, the Centre-West and the states of Bahia and Tocantins.





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