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Adventure Travel in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil
Adventure circuit in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil
Adventure trip in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil
Adventure tourism in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil
Adventure Travel in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil
Adventure circuit in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil
Adventure Travel in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil
Adventure Travel in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil

Buggy, under the Nordeste sun

Perfectly adapted to the immense beaches scattered with dunes of the Nordeste, the buggy was according to the Brazilians, born precisely here in Natal. True or false, it is still the best way of getting around to discover the coast in all its beauty and all of its unusual scenery.

During our adventure we successive climb over vertiginous dunes, pass by beaches licked by a turquoise sea, and ochre and red cliffs overlooked by palm trees standing guard, through seawater swamps in front sharp reefs, and along freshwater lakes...

Adventure Travel in Buggy on the northeast of Brazil
At 30 miles/hour over the vertical dunes, astounding!

A playground extending over almost 338 miles between Jericoacoara and Natal, a seductive palette from the first moment you see it.
Accompanied by a professional driver-mechanic we get a taste for the exhilarating freedom of the infinite and deserted stretches of sand, the adrenaline climbing while ascending the steep slopes of the dunes, the quiet of the twilight hours, at dusk when the light softens, the sun turning red and sinking into the sea in a matter of minutes.

Sprayed by the sea; coconut milk in hand to quench our thirst, we discover villages not yet modernized where fishing remains one of the main activities.
We will often have the opportunity to see the men at work in the
jangadas (the flat bottomed boats typical to the region), struggling with the elements, before sampling in the simplest of fashion (grilled) the product of the fishing.
And as the sun never forgets to shine here all year, all you have to do is put on a pair of shorts to act local and enjoy a beautiful walk.

From Natal to Fortaleza (or in the opposite direction), the euphoria of wide open spaces
Day 1: We leave from the hotel at 09:00(time to be confirmed in function of the tides) for our five-day adventure.

1 beach buggy with driver/mechanic, 4 people maximum with their luggage.
Important: Pack an easily-carried travel bag (no suitcases), max. 25 lb.
We get in the buggy, and head towards the shores, along which we travel until we almost reach Fortaleza.
At the town exit, we cross the Potengi River on a basic barge to reach Genipabu, 20 miles of fine sand dunes perpetually in motion.
The pilot, a professional, makes us discover and test what the buggy is capable of, a real thrill!
In Genipabu we encounter all sorts of traveling merchants selling everything imaginable;  some offer dromedary tours, others rent skibunda (wooden planks on top of which we glide over the sand dunes all the way into fresh water lagunas).
We pass Muriu beach and put some distance between us civilization.
We continue on towards the North and Cape São Roque, the point of Latin America closest to Africa. Then come Jacumã beach and its fishing villages, Ponta Gorda and its line of coconut trees standing guard, and finally Maracajaù where we stop.
We can swim and snorkel to our heart’s content in the middle of myriads of fish in the natural crystal clear pools facing the beach, 4.5 miles from shore (boats are available all day long).
In the afternoon, we advance through a succession of sublime and deserted beaches: Zumbi, Perobas, Touros, and finally São Miguel do Gostoso, our day stop.
Meals not included. Night in a pousada.
Note: The law of the Ceará says that only buggeiros (buggy pilots), trained by an authorized organization, can drive.


We take advantage of the ebbing tide to travel over the immense expanse of white sand in front of us. We skirt a turquoise ocean, always inviting us for a swim, and encounter rare fishermen living in small communities--seeming to have survived the five last centuries unchanged.  We are in one of those atmospheres at the "end of the world"...
We arrive, in the afternoon, at Galinhos, a charming village nestled at the end of a 20-mile long sand-bar. At high tide, the village is cut from the mainland, fact that accentuates the sensation of extreme isolation and tranquility. This is a real invitation to be lazy and do not let this opportunity go by for relaxation at the end of the day…
Meals not included. Night in a pousada.


In the morning, we head west, and enter deeper inland. We discover that the region counts two mineral resources, the salt and the petroleum, both extracted extensively near Galinhos. After circumnavigating a mangrove area, we drive through a succession of surrealist atmospheres: at the heart of a multitude of salt mounds, to the estrada do oleo (literally "the petroleum road") through scenery of aligned oil rigs animated by the permanent motion of the hammer shaped pumps. We return to the shore at Porto do Mangue and shortly after reach Ponta do Mel. Ponta, in reference to the rocky point dropping into the sea. Do Mel (literally "honey") for the sweetness of existence in this village creating a lucky break in our expedition.
Meals not included. Night in a pousada.


Today, a change of scenery.  We pass the State of Ceará on the way to the Rio Grande do Norte; colorful walls replace white sand dunes. Colorful sandstone or limestone cliffs replace the long grey beaches. From red to yellow, through the whole range of colors, we are offered a striking cameo.
At the end of the day we reach Canoa Quebrada, the favorite of the Nordeste, and admire the sunset, either from the top of a red rock cliff, or from the dunes and their romantic atmosphere.
Meals not included. Night in a pousada.


Fifth and last day of our trek. After Canoa Quebrada, the hills disappear and the dunes become rarer. The beaches, many miles long, are dotted with fishing villages and we see dozens of beached jangadas.
At Morro Branco, the high tide forces us to skirt the coast following a rocky crest over a mile. We arrive at Fortaleza, end of our adventure, in the late afternoon.
Meals not included. Night in hotel.

- vehicles equipped with Michelin tires and a back seat
- maximum capacity 4 passengers comfortably seated + driver
- seat-belts for all passengers
- safety re-enforced: the whole cab is re-enforced by a tubular armature
- comfort: garniture toile + Plexiglas to protect from bad weather or sun
- roof rack
- experienced drivers knowing the vehicle as well as the area, its charms, its traps and the time of the tides
Option: do the circuit in a 4WD (Defender 110).

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