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Tourism in the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
Travel in the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
Trip in the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
Discover the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
Visit the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
Tourism in the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
Discovery of the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
Tourism in the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
Tourism in the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty

Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty

Iguaçu Falls, located to the extreme North of Argentina on the Brazilian and Paraguayan borders (triple border point – no special formalities to visit the falls from the different sides), constitute one of the natural wonders of this planet. Iguaçu means "the great water" in Guarani language, and in effect one is witnessing a magnificent show, true walls of water surging from the jungle, violently thrown into an 80 meter deep abyss (compared to 56 meter at Niagara Falls). This momentous scene consists of 257 falls extending over 2 miles, half in Brazil and half in Argentina.

The Brazilian side offers the best view of the waterfalls, but the Argentinean side is more impressive, because it offers access to see the waterfalls more closely, as close as 10 meters from the most impressive of them all, Devil’s canyon.
Tourism in the Iguaçu Falls, colossal natural beauty
A fantastic art piece

The surrounding sub-tropical forest and the permanent rainbows formed by drops of water in suspension in the atmosphere, create a sacred aura within the most breathtaking natural scenery.
From both sides of the falls, wooden narrow bridges take the visitor to the core of curtains of water and vapor, with no risk at all to the onlooker. Large capacity motorboats allow you the nearest approach to the falls. By the way, don't forget to bring a raincoat; the boats might take a detour ... under the falls!

The cataracts, a rumble in the heart of the forest

The national park of Iguaçu is the richest region of Argentina in terms of biological diversity. No other region is comparable in terms of numbers of wild species: more than 200 plants, 420 species of birds and more than 80 species of mammals.
Visitors are usually only interested in the falls, but it is also possible to organize on site several excursions for nature lovers: a walk along the Macuco track in the jungle looking for wildlife, sailing along the Iguaçu River…

The dam of Itaipu, a monster in size

This hydroelectric dam, the most powerful in the world (while we await the construction of the dam of the 3 Canyons in China) can generate three times more energy than the dam of Assouan in Egypt.
It supplies the whole South of Brazil and Paraguay. With a length of 125 miles and a width of 4.5 miles, the artificial lake created by the dam constitutes also one of the most important in the world.
To visit if the great technical feats interest you.

Iguaçu discovery
Day 1 : IGUAÇU FALLS BRAZILIAN SIDE / Except on Mondays

In the morning (meeting time to be coordinated with the guide) we head for the Brazilian side of Iguaçu Park and a stunning view (private vehicle - English-speaking guide). The national park of Iguaçu, 185,000 acres, was created in 1939 and its ecological reserve registered as a Natural Heritage site by UNESCO. We skirt hundreds of small falls before reaching the last one, Floriano Fall. This one offers an arresting panoramic view over "Devil’s Canyon", across the way.
Return towards Foz de Iguaçu. On the way, we stop at the bird park (parque das aves), where hundreds of different varieties of birds from Brazil are sheltered, but also from other tropical countries.
Entrance fees included. Meals open. Night in hotel.
Option: 12-minute helicopter flight over the falls.


At 08:45 we meet at the hotel with our English-speaking guide. Transfer to the Argentine side of the park (about 40 minutes). Stop at the symbolic panoramic triple border point Paraguay - Brazil - Argentina. Visit of the falls from the Argentine side, from where we get closer to the water, and of impressive "Devil’s Canyon" opening at our feet. Then return to our hotel on the Brazilian side in the afternoon.
Entrance included. Meals open. Night in hotel.   
Options: boat tour at the heart of the falls / excursion in the forest.


Departure from the hotel in private transportation, for our airport transfer, 2 hours prior to departure. Domestic flight Iguaçu - Rio / São Paulo (not included / arrival airport, flight time and number to be confirmed). Airport pick up and transfer to hotel. End of day open.
Meals not included. Night in hotel.

Iguaçu, day excursions

In the morning, we leave the hotel for a group visit of the site of Itaipu.
A pride of Brazil, this gigantic dam furnishes enough electric energy to supply Paraguay and the South of Brazil.
Group service with English-speaking guide. The visit includes transportation, informative film projection, and then bus tour towards the most interesting panoramas. Return to Iguaçu in the middle of the day.

Entrance fees included. Meals open. Night in hotel.


08:00 (or 13:00): meeting in the hotel lobby. Transfer to the pier of Porto Meira on Rio Iguaçu, Brazilian side. We embark on the Iguaçu Explorer (capacity 40 passengers / on board services / English-speaking guide). We first navigate towards the triple border (Paraguay/Argentina/Brazil), from where we have a panoramic view over the Espaço das Americas, contemporary architecture in one of the most beautiful decor of the region, at the encounter point of Rios Iguaçu and Parana.

We disembark at Porto Bertoni, Paraguayan shore for a stroll in the forest (1/2 a mile) to the house of the Bertoni family (today a museum / Bertoni was a well-known Swiss botanist / visit of the laboratory and collections). Return to Iguaçu around 14:00. Option to lunch at Maringa’s restaurant, with view over Rio Iguaçu (typical regional plates / meals for about $ 6 US/per).
Meals not included. Night in hotel.

4-hour excursion / English-speaking guide – small groups.
07:30 (or 14:00) meeting in the hotel lobby. The 4WD vehicle takes us inside the 15,000 acres preserved area encompassing sections of three parks (Iguaçu National Park Argentina, Iguaçu National Park Brazil, Moises Bertoni National Park Paraguay), in which have been identified 2,000 endemic plant species (giant bamboo, primary forest trees...), and over 400 bird species (toucans, humming birds, Parrots, woodpeckers). We are in the heart of the Jesuit Missions, where was filmed the movie “Mission”.  During a short hike, our guide helps us identify medicinal plants and some characteristic bird species. We follow the trail of the giant trees, until a raised viewpoint allowing a view over the forest’s “roof”.  We walk over hanging bridges linking trees at a height of 20 meters. Back on the trail we pass a few cascades (15 meter rappel) and a forest of giant helechos (a variety of fern). Return to the hotel at 13:00 / 18:00.
Meals not included. Night in hotel.

Evening folkloric show

Our guide picks us up at the hotel (time to be coordinated with him) to drive us to the Rafain, excellent rodizio (meat carrousel) with a varied and copious buffet.
We attend a review of South American folklore in general, and Brazilian in particular.
Our guide takes us back to the hotel before 01:00.

Included: English-speaking guide / entrance / self-service buffet with a large variety of salads, cold and warm plates, meats… / round-trip transportation to the hotel.




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